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21TOIDC_COL_01R2.QXD (Page 1) advertisement. OID ‰ ‰ † ‰ CMK New Delhi, Tuesday, January 21, 2003 Capital 30 pages* Invitation Price Rs. 1.50 International Nicole Kidman takes home Golden Globe best actress award Page 10 WIN WITH THE TIMES Established 1838 Bennett, Coleman & Co., Ltd. I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine ...

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2013-11-1 · All translations are m y own, even when the English usag e is idiosyncratic and not consistent with the prose style or spelling conventio ns employed in the main text. Although the common language spoken in Banaras is Bhojpuri, almost everyone also speaks some version of Hindi, Urdu, or a combination thereof. Transliteration usually conforms to the standard Hindi pronunciation, but in so me ...


a) Deep Dasgupta b) Parthiv Patel Vote on indiatimes or SMS ''Poll'' to 8888 WEATHER Max temp: 41.6oC/Min: 28.5oC Sunset: Friday – 7.13 pm. Sunrise: Saturday – 5.24 am. Moonset: Friday – 6.36 pm. Moonrise: Saturday – 5.18 am. Clear sky with dust haze, thunder accompanied by squall likely in …


Calcutta ou Kolkata depuis 2001 Le nom de la ville a été changé de Calcutta à Kolkata en 2001 mais le terme Calcutta est toujours largement employé en français. 1451 relations.